Film Reviews

Kurt Douglas in Billy Wilder's film Ace in the Hole

Ace in the Hole (Wilder, 1951)
Across the Universe (Taymor, 2007)
The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad (Algar, Geronimi, and Kinney, 1949)
The Adventures of Prince Achmed (Reiniger, 1926)
Advise and Consent (Preminger, 1962)
After Hours (Scorsese, 1985)
Ali (Mann, 2001)
All Those Yesterdays (Coffman, 2011)
Almost Famous: The Bootleg Cut (Crowe, 2001)
Alphaville (Godard, 1965)
Amadeus (Foreman, 1984)
The Amazing Spider-Man (Webb, 2012)
The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (Webb, 2014)
American Graffiti (Lucas, 1973)
Amigo (Sayles, 2010)
Animal House (Landis, 1978)
Animal Kingdom (Michôd, 2010)
Anita: Speaking Truth to Power (Mock, 2014)
Any Day Now (Jay, 2011)
Argo (Affleck, 2012)
Ashes of Time (Kar-Wai, 1994)
Baby It's You (Sayles, 1983)
Back to the Future (Zemeckis, 1985)
Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans (Herzog, 2009)
Badlands (Malick, 1973)
Barry Lyndon (Kubrick, 1975)
Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice (Snyder, 2016)
Battlefield Earth (Christian, 2000)

The classic French anti-war film The Battle of Algiers

The Battle of Algiers (Pontecorvo, 1966)
Battle Royale (Fukasaku, 2000)
Beasts of the Southern Wild (Zeitlin, 2012)
Being Flynn (Weitz, 2012)
Before Sunrise (Linklater, 1995)
Before Midnight (Linklater, 2013)
Begin Again (Carney, 2014)
Behind the Candelabra (Soderbergh, 2013)
Ben-Hur (Wyler, 1959)
The Best Years of Our Lives (Wyler, 1946)
Bethlehem (Adler, 2014)
Big Eyes (Burton, 2014)
The Big Year (Frankel, 2011)
Bill Cunningham New York (Press, 2010)
Black Dynamite (Sanders, 2009)
Blackhat (Mann, 2015)
Black Panthers (Varda, 1968)
Black Swan (Aronofsky, 2010)
Blade Runner: Final Cut (Scott, 1982)
The Bling Ring (Coppola, 2013)
The Blob (Yeaworth Jr., 1958)
Bone Tomahawk (Zahler, 2015)
The Book of Eli (Hughes Brothers, 2010)
The Bourne Legacy (Gilroy, 2012)
Brokeback Mountain (Lee, 2005)
The Brothers Grimm (Gilliam, 2005)
The ‘Burbs (Dante, 1989)
The Butterfly Effect (Bress and Gruber, 2004)
Cabaret (Fosse, 1972)
Cabin in the Woods (Goddard, 2012)
The Caine Mutiny (Dmytryk, 1954)
Calvary (McDonagh, 2014)
The Candidate (Ritchie, 1972)

Captain America: The Winter Soldier starring Chris Evans

Captain America: Civil War (Russo and Russo, 2016)
Captain America: The Winter Soldier (Russo and Russo, 2014)
Captain Phillips (Greengrass, 2013)
Carriers (Pastor Brothers, 2009)
Casino Royale (Campbell, 2006)
Cave of Forgotten Dreams (Herzog, 2010)
Certain Women (Reichardt, 2016)
Chariots of Fire (Hudson, 1981)
Charley Varrick (Siegel, 1973)
Che, Part One (Soderbergh, 2008)
Che, Part Two (Soderbergh, 2008)
Chef (Favreau, 2014)
Children of Men (Cuarón, 2006)
Chronicle (Trank, 2012)
Cirkus Columbia (Tanovic, 2010)
Citizen Kane (Welles, 1941)
Cocktail (Dante, 1988)
Code Unknown (Haneke, 2000)
Cold Comes the Night (Chun, 2014)
Collateral (Mann, 2004)
Computer Chess (Bujalski, 2013)
Contempt (Godard, 1963)
The Cove (Psihoyos, 2009)
Crimes and Misdemeanors (Allen, 1989)
Cruel Gun Story (Furukawa, 1964)
Damnation Alley (Smight, 1977)

Greta Gerwig stars in Whit Stillman's Damsels in Distress

Damsels in Distress (Stillman, 2012)
Davy Crockett: King of the Wild Frontier (Foster, 1955)
Dawn of the Dead (Romero, 1978)
Daydreams (Keaton, 1922)
Days of Being Wild (Kar-Wai, 1990)
The Departed (Scorsese, 2006)
Design for Living (Lubitsch, 1933)
Detropia (Ewing and Grady, 2012)
Devils on the Doorstep (Jiang, 2000)
Die Hard (McTiernan, 1988)
A Dirty Carnival (Yu, 2006)
Divergent (Burger, 2014)
The Double (Ayoade, 2013)
Double Indemnity (Wilder, 1944)
Down by Law (Jarmusch, 1986)
Dredd (Travis, 2012)
Drinking Buddies (Swanberg, 2013)
Drug War (To, 2013)
Drums Along the Mohawk (Ford, 1939)
Duel (Spielberg, 1971)
The East (Batmanglij, 2013)
Easy Rider (Hopper, 1969)
Edge of Tomorrow (Liman, 2014)
Eight Men Out (Sayles, 1988)
Elaine Stritch: Shoot Me (Karasawa, 2013)
Election (To, 2005)
The Element of Crime (Von Trier, 1984)
The Elephant Man (Lynch, 1980)
Elite Squad: The Enemy Within (Padilha, 2010)
Enough Said (Holofcener, 2013)

Elysium starring Matt Damon

Elysium (Blomkamp, 2013)
Eraserhead (Lynch, 1977)
Escape from Tomorrow (Moore, 2013)
Everybody Wants Some!!! (Linklater, 2016)
Exiled (To, 2006)
E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial (Spielberg, 1982)
Europa Report (Cordero, 2013)
The Fall (Singh, 2006)
Fallen Angels (Kar-Wai, 1995)
Fast & Furious (Lin, 2009)
Finding Vivian Maier (Maloff and Siskel, 2013)
The Fits (Holmer, 2016)
Fitzcarraldo (Herzog, 1982)
Fort Apache (Ford, 1948)
Four Lions (Morris, 2010)
The Fourth Kingdom (Aliaga and Lora, 2017)
The FP (Trost Brothers, 2011)
Frances Ha (Baumbach, 2013)
The Frames: In the Deep Shade (Masterson, 2013)
Frank (Abrahamson, 2014)
Fruitvale Station (Coogler, 2013)
Fun and Fancy Free (Kinney, Roberts, Luske, and Morgan, 1947)
The Future (July, 2011)
Game Change (Roach, 2012)
Gigli (Brest, 2003)
Gimme the Loot (Leon, 2012)
The Girlfriend Experience (Soderbergh, 2009)
The Girl Who Leapt Through Time (Hosoda, 2006)
Go for Sisters (Sayles, 2013)
God Help the Girl (Murdoch, 2014)
Gomorrah (Garrone, 2008)
Gone in 60 Seconds (Halicki, 1974)
Gone with the Wind (Fleming, 1939)

David Strathairn as Edward R. Murrow in Good Night and Good Luck, directed by George Clooney

Good Night, and Good Luck (Clooney, 2005)
The Good German (Soderbergh, 2006)
Grand Slam (Montaldo, 1967)
Grave of the Fireflies (Takahata, 1988)
Gravity (Cuarón, 2013)
Gray's Anatomy (Soderbergh, 1996)
The Great Train Robbery (Porter, 1903)
Gregory's Girl (Forsyth, 1981)
Gremlins 2: The New Batch (Dante, 1990)
Greystoke: The Legend of Tarzan, Lord of the Apes (Hudson, 1984)
Guardians of the Galaxy (Gunn, 2014)
Happy Together (Kar-Wai, 1997)
Haywire (Soderbergh, 2012)
Headhunters (Tyldum, 2011)
Heat (Mann, 1995)
Hedwig and the Angry Inch (Mitchell, 2001)
Her (Jonze, 2013)
Hercules (Clements and Musker, 1997)
Hesher (Susser, 2010)
Hidden Figures (Melfi, 2016)
High and Low (Kurosawa, 1963)
The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug (Jackson, 2013)
Howard the Duck (Huyck, 1986)
The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (Wallace, 2013)
The Hunter (Nettheim, 2011)
Ida (Pawlikowski, 2014)
Idlewild (Barber, 2006)
I Know That Voice (Shapiro, 2013)
The Immortalists (Alvarado and Sussberg, 2013)
In a Lonely Place (Ray, 1950)
In a World... (Bell, 2013)

The Interruptors, a documentary by Steve James

The Interrupters (James, 2011)
In the Mood for Love (Kar-Wai, 2000)
Indie Game: The Movie (Pajot and Swirsky, 2012)
Into the Dark (Hassel, 2014)
Invasion of the Body Snatchers (Kaufman, 1978)
Irma Vep (Assayas, 1996)
Iron Man 3 (Black, 2013)
The Italian Job (Collinson, 1969)
It's a Disaster (Berger, 2012)
The Jacket (Maybury, 2005)
Jackie Brown (Tarantino, 1997)
Jacob's Ladder (Lyne, 1990)
Jimi Plays Monterey (Pennebaker, 1986)
Joe Versus the Volcano (Shanley, 1990)
John Carter (Stanton, 2012)
Johnny Guitar (Ray, 1954)
The Keep (Mann, 1983)
The Killing (Kubrick, 1956)
The Killing Fields (Joffe, 1984)
The King of Comedy (Scorsese, 1982)
King of New York (Ferrara, 1990)
King of the Hill (Soderbergh, 1993)
Klute (Pakula, 1971)
Krull (Yates, 1983)
The Lady Vanishes (Hitchcock, 1938)
The Last Man on the Moon (Craig, 2014)

Last Year at Marienbad

Legend (Scott, 1986)
Les Diaboliques (Clouzot, 1955)
The Lobster (Lanthimos, 2015)
The Lonedale Operator (Griffith, 1911)
A Lonely Place to Die (Gilbey, 2011)
The Long Kiss Goodnight (Harlin, 1996)
Looper (Johnson, 2012)
Lord of War (Niccol, 2005)
Love & Friendship (Stillman, 2016)
Magic Mike (Soderbergh, 2012)
Man of Steel (Snyder, 2013)
Man of the West (Mann, 1958)
The Man Who Fell to Earth (Roeg, 1976)
Man with a Movie Camera (Vertov, 1929)
Margaret (Lonergan, 2011)
Martha Marcy May Marlene (Durkin, 2011)
Masculin Feminin (Godard, 1966)
Me and Orson Welles (Linklater, 2008)
Miami Vice (Mann, 2006)
Micmacs (Jeunet, 2009)
Millennium Actress (Kon, 2001)
Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol (Bird, 2011)
Miss Representation (Newsom, 2011)
Mr. Brooks (Evans, 2007)
Mr. Smith Goes to Washington (Capra, 1939)
Mitt (Whiteley, 2014)
Moana (Clements and Musker, 2016)
Moneyball (Miller, 2011)
The Money Pit (Benjamin, 1986)
Monsters (Edwards, 2010)
Monsters University (Scanlon, 2013)
Monterey Pop (Pennebaker, 1968)
Moonlight (Jenkins, 2016)
Morvern Callar (Ramsey, 2002)
Moulin Rouge! (Luhrmann, 2001)

Much Ado about Nothing, directed by Joss Whedon

Much Ado about Nothing (Whedon, 2013)
Mud (Nichols, 2013)
Mulan (Bancroft and Cook, 1998)
Museum Hours (Cohen, 2012)
Mustang (Ergüven, 2015)
My Blueberry Nights (Kar-Wai, 2007)
My Comic Shop DocumentARy (Desiato, 2011)
My Neighbor Totoro (Miyazaki, 1988)
Napoleon Dynamite (Hess, 2004)
Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind (Miyazaki, 1984)
Navigator: A Medieval Odyssey (Ward, 1988)
Nebraska (Payne, 2013)
Night Moves (Reichardt, 2013)
Night of the Living Dead (Romero, 1968)
1941 (Spielberg, 1979)
1991: The Year Punk Broke (Markey, 1992)
Not Fade Away (Chase, 2012)
Oblivion (Kosinski, 2013)
Once Upon a Time in America (Leone, 1984)
Once Upon a Time in the West (Leone, 1968)
Only Lovers Left Alive (Jarmusch, 2014)
On The Beach (Kramer, 1959)
Oslo, August 31st (Trier, 2011)
Outrage (Kitano, 2010)
Paprika (Kon, 2006)
Park City (Rosner, 2015)
Paul Robeson: Tribute to Artist (Turrell, 1979)
A Perfect Candidate (Cutler and Taylor, 1996)
Pee-wee's Big Adventure (Burton, 1985)
The Perks of Being a Wallflower (Chbosky, 2012)

Pierrot le Fou, directed by Jean-Luc Godard

Pierrot le Fou (Godard, 1965)
Pine Ridge (Eborn, 2013)
The Pink Helmet Posse (Laroche and Mullinkosson, 2013)
Pirate Radio (Curtis, 2009)
Poetic Justice (Singleton, 1993)
Poltergeist (Hooper, 1982)
The Pope of Greenwich Village (Rosenberg, 1984)
The Postman (Costner, 1997)
Pretty in Pink (Deutch, 1986)
Primary (Drew, 1960)
A Prophet (Audiard, 2009)
The Pruitt-Igoe Myth (Freidrichs, 2011)
Public Enemies (Mann, 2009)
The Punk Singer (Anderson, 2013)
Purple Rain (Magnoli, 1984)
The Quiet Earth (Murphy, 1985)
Rachel Getting Married (Demme, 2008)
Raising Arizona (Coen Brothers, 1987)
Real Genius (Coolidge, 1985)
Red Lights (Cortes, 2012)
The Red Shoes (Powell and Pressburger, 1948)
The Reluctant Dragon (Werker and Luske, 1941)
Repo Man (Cox, 1984)
Repo Men (Sapochnik, 2010)
Reservoir Dogs (Tarantino, 1992)
Rewind This! (Johnson, 2013)

The Right Stuff, starring Ed Harris as John Glenn

The Right Stuff (Kaufman, 1984)
Risky Business (Brickman, 1983)
Road House (Herrington, 1989)
The Road Warrior (Miller, 1981)
The Rocky Horror Picture Show (Sharman, 1975)
Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (Edwards, 2016)
The Room (Wiseau, 2003)
Rope (Hitchcock, 1948)
Rosemary's Baby (Polanski, 1968)
Ruby Sparks (Dayton and Faris, 2012)
The Rules of the Game (Renoir, 1939)
Safe House (Espinosa, 2012)
Safety Not Guaranteed (Trevorrow, 2012)
Saludos Amigos (Jackson, Kinney, Luske, and Roberts, 1942)
Saving Mr. Banks (Hancock, 2013)
Searching for Sugar Man (Bendjelloul, 2012)
Seeking a Friend for the End of the World (Scafaria, 2012)
Series 7: The Contenders (Minahan, 2001)
The Seven Year Itch (Wilder, 1955)
Shake! Otis at Monterey (Pennebaker, 1987)
Shame (McQueen, 2011)
Shane (Stevens, 1953)
The Shape of Things (LaBute, 2003)
Sherlock Jr. (Keaton, 1924)
She Wore a Yellow Ribbon (Ford, 1949)
Short Term 12 (Cretton, 2013)
Shotgun Stories (Nichols, 2007)
Shut Up and Play the Hits (Lovelace and Southern, 2012)
Side Effects (Soderbergh, 2013)
The Silent Partner (Duke, 1978)

Bruce Dern stars in Silent Running

Silent Running (Trumbull, 1972)
Silver City (Sayles, 2004)
Silver Linings Playbook (Russell, 2012)
Six-String Samurai (Mungia, 1998)
Sixteen Candles (Hughes, 1984)
The Skeleton Twins (Johnson, 2014)
Skyfall (Mendes, 2012) - theatrical review
Skyfall (Mendes, 2012)  - a closer look
Snowpiercer (Bong, 2013)
Solaris (Tarkovsky, 1972)
Somewhere in Time (Szwarc, 1980)
The Sorcerer’s Apprentice (Turteltaub, 2010)
Source Code (Jones, 2011)
Some Kind of Wonderful (Deutch, 1987)
Something in the Air (Assayas, 2013)
Special When Lit (Sullivan, 2009)
The Spectacular Now (Ponsoldt, 2013)
Springsteen & I (Walsh, 2013)
The Square (Noujaim, 2013)
Stalag 17 (Wilder, 1953)
Stander (Hughes, 2003)
Stand by Me (Reiner, 1986)
Star Trek (Abrams, 2009)
State of the Union (Capra, 1948)
Stoker (Chan-wook, 2013)
Stories We Tell (Polley, 2012)
Stalker (Tarkovsky, 1979)
Street Kings 2: Motor City (Fisher, 2011)
Streets of Fire (Hill, 1984)
The Sugarland Express (Spielberg, 1974)
Sun Don't Shine (Seimetz, 2012)

Sunrise, a classic silent film from F.W. Murnau

Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans (Murnau, 1927)
Super Mario Bros. (Jankel and Morton, 1993)
The Swell Season (August-Perna, Dapkins, Mirabella-Davis, 2011)
Tarzan (Buck and Lima, 1999)
The Terminator (Cameron, 1984)
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (Hooper, 1974)
They Live by Night (Ray, 1948)
13th (DuVernay, 2016)
This Is Cinerama (Cooper and Fritsch, 1952)
This Is It (Ortega, 2009)
This Is Not a Film (Mirtahmasb and Panahi, 2011)
Thor: The Dark World (Taylor, 2013)
The Three Caballeros (Ferguson, Geromini, Kinney, Roberts, and Young, 1944)
The Time Machine (Pal, 1960)
The Time Traveler's Wife (Schwentke, 2009)
To Be Takei (Kroot, 2014)
Tokyo Story (Ozu, 1953)
Trading Places (Landis, 1983)
Triad Election (To, 2006)
The Trials of Muhammad Ali (Siegel, 2013)
Triangle (Smith, 2009)
Trollhunter (André Øvredal, 2011)
Troll 2 (Fragasso, 1990)
True Stories (Byrne, 1986)
20 Feet from Stardom (Neville, 2013)

A gorgeous shot from Wong Kar Wai's 2046

2046 (Kar-Wai, 2004)
Twilight Zone: The Movie (Various, 1983)
Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives (Weerasethakul, 2010)
Under the Skin (Glazer, 2014)
Unknown (Collet-Serra, 2011)
The Unknown Known (Morris, 2013)
Valley Girl (Coolidge, 1983)
The Vanishing Prairie (Algar, 1954)
Veronica Mars (Thomas, 2014)
The Wages of Fear (Clouzot, 1955)
Wagon Master (Ford, 1950)
Wait Until Dark (Young, 1967)
Walking and Talking (Holofcener, 1996)
Waterworld (Costner, 1995)
Wattstax (Stuart, 1973)
We Are the Best! (Moodyson, 2013)
West Side Story (Wise and Robbins, 1961)
The White Helmets (Einsiedel, 2016)
White Men Can't Jump (Shelton, 1992)
The White Stripes Under Great White Northern Lights (Malloy, 2009)
Wild at Heart (Lynch, 1990)
Wild Strawberries (Bergman, 1957)
Witness for the Prosecution (Wilder, 1957)
A Woman is a Woman (Godard, 1961)
Wonder Woman (Jenkins, 2017)
X-Men: Apocalypse (Singer, 2016)
Yankee Doodle Dandy (Curtiz, 1942)
Yojimbo (Kurosawa, 1961)
Young Mr. Lincoln (Ford, 1939)