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Dan Heaton writes reviews of films, TV, and pop culture in general.

My name is Dan Heaton, and I've written about films, television, and pop culture since the early 2000s. On this blog, I post reviews and essays about both new and older movies and TV series. I live in St. Louis, Missouri with my wife and two young girls, who definitely keep me busy.

My start with film studies happened during an "Introduction to Film" class in high school. My first term paper analyzed the themes of Aliens; the writing was pretty terrible, but I was hooked. My favorite movies include Almost Famous, Casablanca, GoodfellasHis Girl Friday, Kicking and ScreamingL.A. Story, Magnolia, Malcolm X, Once, and Serenity.

This blog's title comes from a quote from the Whit Stillman film Metropolitan, a personal favorite. The name also has a secondary meaning because I commuted to work by train for seven years (no easy feat in St. Louis). While I might not call myself a snob, the title reflects a bit of my life. The quote is included in the blog's sidebar.

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My interview with John Singleton was included in the book John Singleton: Interviews from the University Press of Mississippi. I've also written about movies and TV for Cinema Axis and PopMatters and guested on podcasts like The Televerse and The Matineecast.

I regularly blog about Survivor for Rob Cesternino's reality TV site Rob Has a Website and co-host a podcast about the Amazing Race Canada. I've written a lot about genre TV, particularly the Stargate franchise. I also operate a site about theme parks called The Tomorrow Society.

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