Top 5 Lists

Richard Jenkins in Cabin in the Woods

Preparing Top 5 (or Top 10) lists forces me to stick my neck out about my feelings about certain films and topics. See below for links to all the lists separated by category! If you have suggestions for a future Top 5, please send me an e-mail.


Top 5 Chris Cooper Performances
Top 5 Tim Robbins Performances
Top 5 Tom Waits Performances
Top 5 Brad Pitt Performances
Top 5 Willem Dafoe Performances
Top 5 Donald Sutherland Supporting Performances
Top 5 Tom Hanks Performances
Top 5 Top Cruise Performances
Top 5 Ewan McGregor Performances
Top 5 Robert De Niro Performances
Top 5 Jake Gyllenhaal Movies
Top 5 Elliott Gould Films
Top 5 Kevin Costner Films
Top 5 Tough Guy Character Actors
Top 5 Nicolas Cage Performances

George Lucas

Directors and Authors

Top 5 John Carney Music Sequences
Ranking the Films of Michael Mann (Movie Mezzanine)
Top 10 Steven Soderbergh Films
Top 10 Steven Spielberg Films
Top 5 John Sayles Films
Top 5 Alfred Hitchcock Films
Top 5 Ridley Scott Films
Top 5 Phillip K. Dick Adaptations
Top 5 Terry Gilliam Films
Top 5 Underrated Directors
Top 5 George Lucas Disappointments
Top 5 Stephen King Adaptations
Top 5 Stanley Kubrick Films

Roger Moore and Barbara Bach in The Spy Who Loved Me


Top 5 Star Trek Films
Top 5 Superhero Movies
Top 5 Alien Invasion Movies
Top 5 1980s Fantasy Films
Top 5 School Rebellion Movies
Top 5 James Bond Films
Top 5 James Bond Sequences
Top 5 Worst Bond Villains
Top 5 Time Travel Movies
Top 5 Time Machines
Top 5 Anime Films (Novice Edition)
Top 5 Heist Films
Top 5 Car Chases
Top 5 Post-Apocalyptic Films
Top 5 Films Where the Monster is Barely Seen
Top 5 Films About Politics

Daniel Day Lewis in Lincoln, directed by Steven Spielberg


Top 5 Blog Discoveries of 2013
Top 5 Films of 1990
Top 5 Most Anticipated March Releases (2013)
Top 10 Films of 2012
Top 5 Blog Discoveries of 2012
Top 5 Albums of 2012
Top 5 Films of 2003
Top 5 Most Anticipated Movies in the Rest of 2012
Top 5 Films of 1986
Top 5 Films of 1988
Top 5 Films of the 1920s
Top 5 Films of the 1930s
Top 5 Movies of 2011
Top 5 Blog Discoveries of 2011
Top 5 TV Shows of 2011
Top 5 Books Read in 2011
Top 5 Music of 2011
Top 5 Films of 1984

Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Forbidden Eye at Disneyland

Individual Movies

Top 10 Scenes: Almost Famous
Top 5 Lessons from the Demise of The Big Year
Top 5 Reasons That The Room is Ridiculous (and Awesome)
Top 5 Moments from The Cabin in the Woods


My 10 Favorite TV Shows
Top 20 Bruce Springsteen Songs
Top 5 Reasons Why Roger Ebert Was Awesome
Top 5 Movie Resolutions for 2013 and Beyond
Top 5 Exciting Oscar Nominations
Top 5 Movie Amusement Park Scenes
Top 5 Surprises from the 2012 Sight & Sound Poll
Top 5 Theme Park Attractions Based on Movies
Top 5 Reasons I Love Going to Movie Theaters
Top 5 Firefly Episodes
Top 5 Films Set in San Francisco
Top 5 Japanese Films
Top 5 Long Movies
Top 5 Dialogue-Heavy Films
Top 5 Films Shot in St. Louis
Top 5 Best Picture Winners
Top 5 Performances From a Music Artist
Top 5 TV Time Travel Episodes