December 14, 2013

Survivor: Blood vs. Water - "Out on a Limb"

In this current Survivor era dominated by returning players, it’s been intriguing to watch how they respond based on their previous experiences. Many over compensate and try to make big moves too early, while others avoid the target that doomed them. Monica Culpepper’s first appearance on One World showed her strength but also a vulnerable side that placed too much trust in others. It’s important to have allies, but placing too much faith in them isn’t wise. The key is recognizing what’s best for their game and if you fit in those plans. Despite more remarkable game play from Ciera to convince Monica she should flip, she makes the right choice this week and sticks with her alliance. Her situation is worse if she switches to the other side. Hayden and Ciera have become the lovable underdogs that the jury roots for against the people who betrayed them. Monica can’t defeat them in the end and is just handing over the million with that move. Voting for Gervase serves little purpose since it puts Monica in the number four spot when the Redemption Island victor returns. No matter who wins the final “duel”, they become the third person ahead of Monica if she betrays her alliance.

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