December 19, 2013

Survivor: Blood vs. Water - "It's My Night"

The challenge when analyzing Survivor is finding thrills when the finale reaches a predictable ending. This trend has happened frequently in recent seasons, with Malcolm’s exit from the Philippines being a rare exception. Even so, there’s still plenty to enjoy with Blood vs. Water’s conclusion. Tyson removes any doubts about a victory by taking the final two immunity challenges and choosing the right people. Underdogs like Ciera and Tina are too dangerous to face with this jury. Despite the editing focusing on Monica, she earns just one vote, and the rest go to Tyson. It’s hard to disagree with rewarding a guy who found two idols, built a solid alliance, and dodged stiff challenges from Hayden and Ciera. He’s come a long way from the goofball of the Tocantins or the guy who messed up his alliance’s game in Heroes vs. Villains. It’s a convincing finish to a remarkable season that has revitalized the show once again.

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