November 1, 2013

Survivor: Blood vs. Water - "Swoop in for the Kill"

Survivor: Blood vs. Water has been filled with personal stories and conflicts that have made it one of the most consistent seasons of recent years. Even an arrogant goofball like Brad Culpepper offered plenty of entertainment with his failed strategy and the anger he inspired in others. We’ve seen players truly moved by the plight of their loved ones, and there’s been a greater sense of fun during the challenges. On the other hand, there’s the story of Laura Boneham. After being voted out on the first day and saved by her husband Rupert, she settled into a background role. Others have called her annoying or ridiculed her attempts at strategy, but her position was secure. Why vote out someone who’s barely a threat? Laura seems like a nice person, but she doesn’t have the type of personality that thrives on Survivor. Her face doesn’t exude warmth like Tina or fun like Tyson. It’s hardly fair to diminish her value in this way, but it’s the nature of this game. If a player doesn’t bond with tribe mates and seems to act irrationally, they may decide to remove the question mark. Playing under the radar is a successful path to the end, but straying so drastically can change the score quickly.

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