October 4, 2013

Survivor: Blood vs. Water - "Opening Pandora's Box"

Last season, the Survivor producers made the inexplicable decision to cast Brandon Hantz for a second time. He was clearly unstable during his first appearance, and it was only a matter of time before he exploded. The choice to bring back Colton is different because he controlled the game on One World before exiting. Even so, there are similarities. Colton is a nasty player who thrives on making others miserable. That strategy may work with newbies, but he’s found no traction with the returnees. Luckily for him, they’ve been rolling through the immunity challenges. He might coast for a while and find a way to reach the merge. Instead, Colton’s frustration leads to the lamest quit in the show’s history. Players do everything to play and avoid the vote, and he gives up after seven days? Brandon’s exit was horrible, but it came from a misguided feeling that he was leaving on his own terms. This choice is worse and proves that Colton should never have returned. Jeff Probst and the producers share the blame for giving him the chance. The only relief is that it happens so early. Colton exits with a whimper and comes off even worse in his second appearance.

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  1. Man, I heard about Colton quitting like a whiny little bitch and Jeff Probst finally had enough. I'm glad Probst chewed him out and spoke the truth. What a waste. Colton is absolutely the worst person to ever be on the show and having him the second time around finally made the producers and Probst realize and admit they were wrong. Plus, having Colton not put his buff in the fire is a good sign of the fact that he never should've been in the game in the first place.

    Oh, you posted the wrong link.

    1. I do question whether Colton quit the first time, and Probst's anger looks a bit silly since he did participate in bringing him back. Still, I'm glad that he's gone for this season. There are plenty of interesting cast members without him. I fixed the link. Thanks!