September 27, 2013

Survivor: Blood vs. Water - "Rule in Chaos"

During the early stages of Survivor, luck plays a huge role in determining players’ fates. The votes can knock out people who barely get a chance to compete. An alliance forms and starts taking out the others, and it’s a scramble to grab a chair before the music stops. The Blood vs. Water twists have added new reasons to vote out a fellow tribe member. Instead of just targeting weak players and potential threats, the majority must look at the other tribe. The change allowing players to substitute for their loved ones creates the scenario of removing someone to entice a strong opponent to “pull a Rupert” and jeopardize their game. This fate befalls Tyson’s girlfriend Rachel this week, and it’s frustrating to watch a good competitor leave so early. It may lead to great drama next time, but it means that less-exciting individuals may last longer. The choice makes sense from the guys’ perspective; the small gamble could pay dividends. However, it also represents short-sided thinking. If a tribe swap occurs, this focus on winning as a team might hurt their chances in the long run.

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