September 18, 2013

Survivor: Blood vs. Water Preview

With each new installment, Jeff Probst and the Survivor producers keep adding new changes that move it further from the original social experiment. Fans are constantly asking if it's jumped the shark and claiming they won't watch. Somehow, the ratings stay flat relative to other shows. I complain about returning players, yet I still watch every season. What does that say about me? Am I a grumpy critic who will never be satisfied? It's possible. The more likely reason is wanting Survivor to build on its recent creative success and move forward. This season feels like something else entirely, but maybe it will prove me wrong. Regardless of the outcome, I'll be recapping each episode for Sound on Sight for the fourth time.

Long-time Survivor fans yearn for the days when a fresh group of new castaways arrived each season to play the game. Those days are over. Only two of the last seven seasons (Nicaragua and One World) have not included returning players, and they weren’t very successful. The producers will continue to find new gimmicks to bring back former contestants. This fall’s choice has the ridiculous title of Blood vs. Water and includes pairs connected by blood or romance. Ten familiar faces are back alongside 10 first-time players. They’ll be split into two tribes in a set-up that mirrors the “Fans vs. Favorites” model that’s been used twice. It’s an intriguing concept with the potential to fall flat or deliver great drama. When the tribes merge, will anyone betray a family member? That prospect seems unlikely, but this formula depends on it. The premise is solid, but there are so many twists dropped on top of it. The risk is a messy season where fans grow exasperated with the drastic changes to the original game.

Check out the remainder of my Blood vs. Water preview for Sound on Sight through this link.


  1. The big question I have is, who's going to beat up Colton first and kick his ass out of the show?

    1. I haven't watched tonight yet, so this is totally without that knowledge. I think Colton is in trouble in the first few episodes because of his reputation. However, if he survives those, he could make serious waves this season. I've heard some interviews with him talking strategy, and he knows the game backwards and forwards. That said, I'm not that thrilled he's back.