September 21, 2013

Survivor: Blood vs. Water - "Blood is Thicker Than Anything"

When the many twists was announced for the new Survivor season, it felt like the producers were over compensating for a flimsy premise. Besides having a silly name, the Blood vs. Water concept introduced elements that didn’t mesh with the formula. How could family members vote each other out and truly compete for a million dollars? The challenge is selling that concept without making it feel cheap. When it’s added to Redemption Island and its related twists, the danger grows larger. This baggage makes the success of the premiere a surprise. There are some lunkhead players who get too much screen time, but the cast is more interesting than the normal group. Even returnees who weren’t inspiring on their original season like Laura and Monica seem more confident this time. The loved ones are mostly likable and aren’t just excuses to bring back popular returning players. There are smart competitors within the tribe that should go a long way in this game.

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