Survivor: Phillipines, "Shot Into Smithereens"

When watching Survivor at home, it’s easy to play armchair quarterback. The editing is designed to paint some players as doing the right thing while others flounder. A consistent narrative in the post-merge episodes has been Lisa and Skupin’s ability to decide each player’s fate. There’s a path to the end for this duo if they’re willing to stick out their necks. Last week, they had the perfect chance to blindside Malcolm and remove one of the strongest players. This choice would have also split up the other tight pair left in the game. Instead, they voted out Penner and lost a possible ally. He was a threat to win at the end, but this isn’t the top priority in the final seven. This time, they plan to rectify their mistake and vote out Malcolm, but his immunity win spoils their plans. The obvious next move is to shift the vote to Denise, which eliminates another powerhouse and hurts Malcolm. By voting out Carter, Lisa and Skupin take the easy route but give an unfortunate pass to Malcolm and Denise. When the jury doesn’t like a player, that person needs to sit next to an equally reviled contestant. For more details, check out my review for Sound on Sight.

Here are some other interesting points that I didn't address in my review:
  • Poor Carter. He's likely received a poor edit since he didn't play a key role in the story. The other players have been complimentary of him after leaving the game, and several have been mystified by the way he's been presented on the show.
  • Speaking of the editors, they're apparently convinced that we're all fascinated to see Lisa repeat the same comments about her internal struggles to play the game every week. It's making me wonder if she's going to reach the final Tribal Council and face the music for this approach with a nasty jury.
  • Will next week go predictably? I'm hoping that at least one of the pairs realizes they can use Abi-Maria and take control. If both groups are vying for her vote, it will give a surprising amount of power to the ostracized player. 


  1. "It's making me wonder if she's going to reach the final Tribal Council and face the music for this approach with a nasty jury."

    I sure as hell hope it does (if she makes the final, that is). She was going on and on about how "I'm terrible at this game" just a few episodes ago. I don't care if that even turned out to be some ridiculous strategy, I wouldn't vote for that person on principle.

    FYI: your review for this ep isn't over at Sound on Sight. It's a dead link and I looked at their Survivor label there and see nothing.

    1. Dylan, rarely has a player gone so quickly from being interesting to being super annoying as Lisa. The editing's really focused on her since the merge, which makes me wonder if she'll be sitting there in the end. The big question is if it's a final two. If so, that means Malcolm has pressure to win immunity or the unlikely two of Skupin and Lisa may make it. I'm pulling for Malcolm vs. Denise, but I wonder if that will actually happen.

      In terms of Sound on Sight, they're having some site issues that hopefully will be resolved soon. I thought about removing the link here yesterday, but I decided just to wait for now. Hopefully they'll be back up soon. I may just have to run my full review here for the next two episodes and then copy it when it's fixed. We'll see.


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