December 4, 2012

Amazing Race 21, "Not a Well-Rounded Athlete"

One of the most exciting episodes of The Amazing Race typically happens right before the finale where four teams battle to make the last leg. That appears to be the likely scenario this week, but it’s really just setting the stage for the two-hour conclusion. There’s little at stake beyond placement, and a bunching flight brings everyone close together. Even so, there’s plenty of fun within the challenges to keep it enjoyable. It’s interesting to note the significant gap at the start, which puts each pair on a different flight. Josh and Brent begin about seven hours after Natalie and Nadiya yet finally catch up due to the ferry’s late starting time. While they seem like the worst team, Josh and Brent could sneak into the finals. This week is a non-elimination, but it gives a perfect example of how a top team can falter. The twins have rocked most challenges, yet they struggle with the stick shift. This is Amazing Race 101 and could have hurt them much earlier in a different season. They start out strong in Mallorca but never recover because Nadiya can’t master the driving. For more details, check out my full review for Sound on Sight.

Here are some other interesting points that I didn't address in my review:
  • If there ever was any season of The Amazing Race where I could do well, this is the one. I was a high-school swimmer, play tennis regularly, and am a decent ping-pong player. Of course, the counter point is that I'd likely do terrible on challenges involving dancing, putting up windmills, and blowing up balloons. So maybe I should stay at home and write about the racers' silly mistakes. 
  • It's a very close contest, but I'll be rooting for Jaymes and James to win next week, with Natalie and Nadiya close behind. No team's victory would make me angry, though Josh and Brent don't really deserve it considering how poorly they've performed. They may survive, but I'm still holding to my feeling that the goat farmers will not appear in the second hour of the finale. 

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