October 12, 2012

Survivor: Philippines, "Create a Little Chaos"

Russell Swan is a competitive guy. He claims to strive for excellence in everything that he does. When he loses a challenge, it must be part of God’s plan, not because of the superior performance of his opponents. After this week’s immunity challenge, he smashes a bottle of rice and can’t understand why he’s being put through so much turmoil. It’s an uncomfortable moment for everyone involved, but it also provides fascinating insights about his approach. Even with the drama, it’s more interesting to see a passionate response. The immunity challenge is refreshing because it doesn’t end with a puzzle. It’s a physical contest that involves balancing heavy pots of rice while stepping over wooden planks and crawling through the mud. After the pots are placed, the final task is smashing them with a wrecking ball. This is a surprisingly exciting showdown for this early point of the season. The previews hint that perhaps there will be a different type of surprise next week. Tandang and Kalabaw are due for a shake-up, and the promised events may be enough to bring a dramatic change. Check out my full review for Sound on Sight.

Here are some other interesting points that I didn't address in my review:
  • Russell Swan's post-game interviews have revealed just how much doing well on Survivor meant to him. In this intriguing conversation on Rob Has a Podcast, he describes just how down he still is after the rough experience. I highly recommend that you give it a listen to better understand his feelings. 
  • I'm not sure Abi-Maria realizes that being this irritating at camp is a poor strategy. She isn't nearly as strong as RC and appears to have only one solid ally at Tandang. The immunity idol may help her, but I expect (and hope) that she'll depart in the upcoming weeks with the idol in her pocket.
  • Katie is still the odd person odd at Kalabaw and didn't receive a confession once again. It's hard to say anything about her personality at this point. Normally, I'd think that she'll be around a while and will start becoming a major player soon. However, recent examples like Purple Kelly have shown that the editors aren't going to waste time on players who aren't directly connected to the main story.
  • The previews for next week show the arrival of the dreaded "boat of doom" that indicates an injured player may be leaving the game. While a shot of Jeff Kent hints that he may be the victim, I doubt that's really the case. My money is on quiet Carter as the guy who may face an unfortunate exit.

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