Amazing Race 21, "Chill Out, Freak"

It’s time for killer fatigue! There’s only so long that teams can deal with limited sleep, intense stress, and small quantities of food before they start dropping. When these factors are added to excessive heat and grueling challenges, the likelihood of a breakdown only grows. With only seven teams remaining, this also felt like the right time for a non-elimination leg. Despite the lack of a departing pair, this week remains exciting because of the higher difficulty level. Bangladesh is not an easy place to navigate, and even the stronger competitors struggle to finish this leg. Josh and Brent have a rough leg and can't locate the marked taxi stand. Their situation gets even worse when Brent reaches the Roadblock. He misses a pivotal detail about the ropes, which allows the monster truckers to stay ahead. By the time Brent finishes, they’re in desperate shape and must hope another team stumbles to avoid last place. It’s clear in this task that the heat is affecting players, and it will only get worse. For more details, check out my review for Sound on Sight.

Here are some other interesting points that I didn't address in my review:

  • Abbie and Ryan were my pick to win the race at the start, and they still have a great chance. Even so, I can't overstate just how irritating his arrogance becomes. He spends the Roadblock talking about how he should have done it and then is crushed when they finish second. I'm not a huge Rob and Kelley fan, but their excitement at finishing fourth was endearing after Ryan's sad display. 
  • One of my favorite moments is when Lexi is excited to see the monster truckers and then immediately smacks Rob in the face with bamboo. Ouch! She isn't the only one, and I don't blame the racers for struggling to rein in the unwieldy pieces.
  • The saving grace for this leg's design is the fact that it's a non-elimination leg. There's little chance for the bottom teams to catch the leaders within such a short timeframe. I expect this to change next week with an early bunching.
  • I jinxed Brent and Josh last week by calling them out for being steady. They struggle from the start this time and never get on track. They seem like nice guys, but I wouldn't be too upset if they left. On the other hand, Jaymes and James are more entertaining than I expected and one of my favorite teams.