October 14, 2012

TV: Alphas 2.11, "If Memory Serves"

Ever since its premiere, Alphas has hinted at  a darker side of David Strathairn's Rosen that isn’t just concerned with helping Alphas. A serious anger lurks beneath his calm demeanor that’s been moving closer to the surface with each move by Stanton Parish. To fight such a dangerous foe, Rosen has set aside his ethical qualms and crossed into very murky territory. Parish’s murder of his daughter Dani was just the last straw that has brought out the worst in Rosen. “If Memory Serves” begins with a montage of Rosen’s team working with the Feds to capture anyone connected to Parish. Nina pushes each detainee for information, and they finally get a promising lead. Cameron and Kat investigate a cabin owned by Parish that houses a valuable asset. Sean Astin plays Mitchell, who houses memories of a guy who’s been alive for more than 200 years. Does Parish need him to avoid going senile? This is an intriguing question that isn’t answered fully but hinted at in this episode. For more details, check out my full review of this episode for Sound on Sight.

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