October 1, 2012

The MILFTS Trivia Extravaganza Podcast

Last week, I hosted one of the great trivia battles in movie podcast history. It was an epic contest with nine players competing to determine who has the most game. Three players entered the arena from the MILFcast, the "unofficial official" podcast of Man I Love Films. Kai, Dylan, and Heather were ready to compete against a group with superior numbers. The fine folks at French Toast Sunday entered the fray with all six regular podcast members. Lindsay, Jess, Mark, Nick, Will, and Rob brought a lot of movie knowledge to the mix. Would it be enough to top the capable trio from the MILFcast? I won't spoil the results in this post. I tested them on a variety of fun categories, including movie taglines, song lyrics, and the villains' plots from well-known franchise films. Considering the large amount of people involved, the recording was a bit chaotic. However, it was also good fun and a very close match. You can listen to this battle on either the MILFcast or French Toast Sunday episodes. Once you do that, you should add both shows to your weekly podcast queue. You won't be disappointed. I had a blast hosting this show and interacting with both teams.

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