September 19, 2012

Alphas: "Falling"

Alphas has its share of “hell yeah!” moments, but it always pulls back to show that super powers aren’t such a great thing. “Falling” opens with young daredevils taking a drug that allows them to leap off a building and emerge unscathed. This time, the possibly deadly side effects show that nearly everything has a price. Rosen is experiencing a similar torment as he deals with the revelation that his daughter is a mole for Stanton Parish. His tortured expression as he tries to explain why he turned her in is stunning and ends the story on a brutal note. The downside of “Falling” is that the main plot doesn’t match the intensity of Rosen’s situation. The saving grace is the greater involvement of Kat, who goes undercover to investigate the drug. Erin Way has become the secret weapon of this show and is quickly becoming a key player. Check out my full review of this episode for Sound on Sight.

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