September 12, 2012

Alphas: "Gods and Monsters"

This season of Alphas has made it clear that nothing’s more powerful than control over the mind. Some villains might shoot fire or have super strength, but the true authority isn’t physical force. This week’s Alpha is Jason Miller (Connor Price), who appeared briefly as the comatose patient causing the dangerous hallucinations in “Gaslight”. He’s awake and going to high school, but he’s not doing so well in the social realm. His ability gives him the chance to rectify this problem and make everyone love him. Of course, it also turns the classmates into mindless automatons who have little personality. This seems like yet another tricky mission for Dr. Rosen’s team, but it’s only the beginning. When their primary foe shows up with an offer to join forces, it only complicates an already difficult situation. Stanton Parish (John Pyper-Ferguson) saves Rosen’s life, but it’s clear that his interest is more than just helping his primary foe. “Gods and Monsters” is a tense episode that effectively moves the ongoing story forward. Check out the full review at Sound on Sight for more details.

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