The LAMBcast: The Rocky Franchise

Growing up in the 1980s, one of my favorite movie series was the Rocky franchise. I watched our worn-out copies of Rocky II and Rocky III repeatedly and can still quote from them today. After the disaster of Rocky V, I'd lost some interest in the character despite my love for the original. When Sylvester Stallone returned to him with Rocky Balboa in 2006, I was stunned by how much I loved it. It reminded me what had drawn me to the films in the first place. Last weekend, I joined Dan Fogarty of Fogs' Movie Reviews, George Bell of Green People Soup, Joe Guilano of Two Dude Review, and host Dylan Fields of Man I Love Films to explore all six movies in detail. This LAMBcast is epic and includes nearly two hours of discussion about the entire franchise. It was a great time and should be a must-listen for anyone interested in these movies. It's worth checking out solely for the great Stallone impersonations. I'm grateful that I got the chance to explore this classic series with other passionate fans. You should check out this podcast through this link. Yo Adrian! We did it!


  1. I tried listening to the entire thing (I'm really not a huge Rocky fan), but from what I heard I really liked it. Also checking out to see how my buddy Joe stood up against the "big guys".

    Good job, Dan! Look forward to having you on As You Watch sometime soon!

    1. Nick, I can understand the podcast might seem a bit long if you're not a huge Rocky fan. Still, I'm glad you enjoyed what you heard. Joe did a great job. I definitely would like to join you guys on As You Watch sometime in the near future.


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