August 29, 2012

Alphas: "Alphaville"

There have been plenty of hints on Alphas that Dr. Rosen’s actions can be destructive. Even when his intentions are good, he doesn’t always consider the negative impact. In “Alphaville”, we get the most blatant example of the side effects from his vigilant attempts to stop Stanton Parrish. He’s trying to do the right thing and defeat a dangerous force, but he fails to recognize the blowback from it. Summer Glau is back! The star of Firefly and many other genre shows returns as Skylar, an expert at fixing mechanical items. She’s moved to a safe haven for Alphas out in the woods. Living far from civilization and the authorities, this group is hoping for a different kind of life. Discovering the secrets of the device is really just a reason to knock Rosen down even further. By the team he leaves, the forest is in flames and under siege from Parrish’s goons. “Alphaville” is a great episode and improves on the more predictable main plot of last week’s “Gaslight”. For more details on this episode, check out my full review for the great folks at Sound on Sight.

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