May 13, 2012

Survivor: One World, "It's Human Nature"

Since the women took over after the merge, Tarzan has been the one guy on Survivor who seemed to have a route to the final Tribal Council. His craziness made him the perfect choice to bring along because he didn't appear to have a chance to win. This week's outcome showed that perhaps he was a bigger threat than I expected. Kim, Chelsea, and Sabrina have stuck together since the beginning, and they appear primed to roll into the final three. This doesn't appear to be a wise strategy for any of them, however. Bringing along a goat like Tarzan or Christina is typically the best way to ensure votes from the jury. If the top three end up facing the jury, I expect that Kim will take the victory. However, Sabrina continues to perform well at Tribal Councils and may be likable enough to steal a win. For more details, check out my latest post for Sound on Sight.

Here are some other interesting points that I didn't address in my review:
  • Tarzan has sounded pretty intelligent in his post-game interviews, so I'm guessing he played up the craziness to further his progress in the game. He basically admitted that fact this week, and it sounds like the leaders saw through this ploy.
  • Jeff Probst continues to make too big a deal about the "men vs. women" angle. I'm relieved that all the guys are gone so it's avoided in the finale (after the opening recap). It makes sense that Jeff is trying to craft a narrative, but the fact is that Kim, Chelsea, and Sabrina are the sharpest players from this cast.
  • Alicia is convinced that she's running the game and has the power. She could have made a case if they voted out Chelsea but has nowhere to hide with Tarzan gone. This was a bad choice and should haunt her in the end. 
I'll be writing two posts on Sunday's big finale. The first one will cover the final boots and the ultimate winner, and the second will focus on the reunion. I'll also give some overall thoughts on the season in the final article. Kim remains the odds-on favorite to win, with Sabrina and Chelsea having a decent chance if they play their cards right.

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