May 12, 2012

TV: The Amazing Race 20, "It's a Great Place to Become a Millionaire" Review

The Amazing Race closed its 20th season with an exciting two-hour episode that tested even the top competitors. The end result was predictable and went to the front runners, but that doesn't mean the final leg wasn't designed well. This has been a problem in recent seasons, particularly during the ho-hum closer to last season in Atlanta. Dave and Rachel bicker quite a lot, but they're deserving winners who repeatedly showed their challenge abilities. Her balance skills made the difference in the end and helped them to overcome a navigational gaffe close to the finish line. Art and JJ earned a great opportunity through this mistake but fell just short, and Brendon and Rachel ended up in third. This wasn't one of the show's best seasons due to mediocre casting, but it did offer improved game design. For more details, check out my latest post for Sound on Sight.

Here are a few other points of interest that I didn't address in my review:
  • Ralph and Vanessa weren't my favorite team, but they have a strong relationship that was key during her struggles at the game show Roadblock. She showed impressive grit to stick out a challenge with a very swollen ankle, and his support was great to see. They couldn't recover the lost time, but their ability to work together gave them a chance. 
  • Brendon and Rachel finished third, but they had a good chance to win the race. If they'd walked correctly to the helicopters, they would have likely arrived at the second Roadblock ahead of Dave and Rachel. They might have still fallen short, but it shows how close the maligned team was to grabbing the victory.
  • I expect that we'll see both Mark and Bopper and Dave and Rachel back for an all-star season in the future. The show seems due for another one, so it's possible this could happen pretty soon. 

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