May 1, 2012

TV: The Amazing Race 20, "I Need Hair to Be Pretty" Review

Few teams on The Amazing Race have generated such hatred from fans and other teams as Brendon and Rachel. I don't watch Big Brother, so my only experience seeing them is from this season. She's definitely a drama queen, and they're far from the most likable players to compete on the show. However, it seems like the nastiness doesn't always give them a fair shake. This week, Rachel decides that shaving her head is too big a price to win the Fast Forward and reach the final four. The decision isn't that bad, especially since Mark and Bopper are hours behind, but her whining comments make it less attractive. Heading into next week's two-hour finale, it's difficult to decide who's least objectionable. I'm just hoping for an exciting finale, and the previews seem to indicate their will be a big surprise at the end. For more details on this week's episode, check out my review for Sound on Sight.

Here are a few other points of interest that I didn't address in my review:
  • I can't talk enough about how much I like Mark and Bopper. Their comments about making sure they stay friends at the end of the Race really hit home. I don't get the same feeling of camaraderie from any of the other teams.
  • It's also great to see how Mark and Bopper can relate almost any task to something they've worked on at home. These are not your typical office guys or gym rats, and I wish we'd see more of this on the show.
  • Art and JJ's competitive drive is admirable, but they need to relax sometimes. I understand the crazy stress involved with competing on the show, and JJ especially seems ready to collapse with tension lately. This approach can't be good for their blood pressure and might hurt their chances. 
  • Dave and Rachel are a competent team that rarely makes mistakes, and that might be enough to win them the million dollars. However, I still get the feeling they might be doomed for a last-minute fall. 


  1. I've tried watching this show.

    I can't Dan.

    I'm glad you find pleasure in it though - you are certainly not alone.

    1. It's cool, Sam. I wonder if I'd be as hooked if I started watching now. I started back in season two, and it was a much different show at that point. I still like it now, but I can see where it might not work for everyone.