April 11, 2012

TV: The Amazing Race 20: "I Didn't Make Her Cry" Review

I'm not a fan of Brendon and Rachel's time on The Amazing Race, but I'm not sure even they deserve the nastiness that happens this week. The leg begins at night, and everyone seems grumpy and ready to battle. The worst of it comes from Vanessa, who seems determined to shed any goodwill she generated earlier in the season. This is a really uncomfortable situation for the other teams, particularly guys like Mark and Bopper who are enjoying their time on the show. Thankfully, there are some entertaining tasks once the teams arrive in Tanzania. Nary and Jamie again prove their ineptitude and finish last, but they're saved for at least one more week by the non-elimination leg. For more details on the ugly behavior this week and my expectations for upcoming episodes, check out my review for Sound on Sight.

Here are a few other points of interest that I didn't address in my review:

  • The episode's best moment is Bopper's glee at seeing a candy bowl at the travel agent's office. Free candy! Compared to the idiocy from many of the teams, his excitement is refreshing.
  • Did lying about their jobs ever really help Nary and Jamie? Contestants on Survivor frequently hide what they do, but that makes sense because players can vote you out. On The Amazing Race, the negatives of other players discovering the lie far outweigh any benefits.  
  • Dave and Rachel are solid racers, but they are really unpleasant to watch. They snipe at each other and rarely take the time to listen to what the other is saying. The fact that they're doing well shows their athletic abilities, but not much else.  

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