April 25, 2012

TV: The Amazing Race 20, "Bollywood Travolta" Review

Mark and Bopper have definitely been the breakout stars of this season of The Amazing Race. Not since Jet and Cord's first appearance in season sixteen has a team received so much love from the editors. They seem like great guys and more engaging than the remaining teams, but it's still interesting to note the screen-time discrepancy. They've also finished last during two of the three non-elimination legs. This week, Mark's frequent motion sickness comes back to haunt him during a tricky Roadblock. After bearing the heat and a crazy bus ride, he stumbles up to the task and isn't prepared for the challenge. Throughout the episode, it seems like we're just watching an extended farewell to a likable team. When Phil ultimately reveals the non-elimination leg, it's actually a bit disappointing considering how much they struggled. For more details, check out my latest post for Sound on Sight.

Here are a few other points of interest that I didn't address in my review:
  • I really hope The Amazing Race finds a way to minimize the non-elimination legs in the future. Adding a few more teams does create additional production costs, but there has to be a way around this issue. The Speed Bump can't be too difficult to maintain the drama of the next leg, so it isn't an interesting task. Creating a sudden-death scenario would build extra tension for teams since every leg could be their last. I suggest adding this layer to the next All-Star season. They can build an extended leg in the middle if an extra episode is needed.
  • If Mark and Bopper go out, I might actually start rooting for Brendon and Rachel. She's ridiculous and threatens to break down every week, but they still aren't bugging me as much as the other three teams. They don't seem intent on fighting the other teams and lack the arrogance of Dave. 
  • The one benefit of this week's non-elimination will be a two-hour finale on May 6. Since the ratings have improved, I haven't understood why this show doesn't extend the premiere and finale every time to make them feel more epic. 

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