March 13, 2012

Amazing Race 20: "Taste My Salami" Review

Last week, The Amazing Race delivered one of its best episodes of the past few years. This week is a disaster. So what happened? The main offenders are the weak challenges, which don't provide interesting television or much excitement for the racers. Sending the teams to Turin, Italy is exciting; having them wash fake statues is not. The bickering reaches a season high this week, and Brendon and Rachel find a new low point. I was thrilled to see a return to form last week, so watching the show revert to the duller tasks is disheartening. With the exception of a friendly move from Art and JJ at the end, there's not much to recommend. Thankfully, Mark and Bopper's last-place finish doesn't eliminate them due to a non-elimination leg. Their excitement about Italy gets the best of them and causes an error buying airline tickets. The Kentucky guys are way over the top, but their genuine enjoyment is infectious. I'm hoping this weak episode is just an aberration from a fun season. However, it raises concerns about the upcoming weeks. For more details, check out my review for Sound on Sight. I'd love to hear your thoughts about the episode and the season.

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