March 6, 2012

Amazing Race 20: "Bust Me Right in the Head with It" Review


When it comes to The Amazing Race, I tend to be overly positive, even when the show isn't at its best. This season is not one of those cases. The excitement has risen with each subsequent episode, and the game design has been the strongest in a long time. This leg includes lots of movement in the standings, extremely challenging tasks that create major frustration, and a two-team battle right near the finish line to avoid elimination. It also again reveals the limited abilities of the Express Pass, which likely saves Rachel and Dave from elimination but doesn't give them a huge edge. When they reach the mat, Phil says that they are the first team not to complete a task and avoid elimination. This statement appears false if you remember the notorious "Meatblock" from Season 7. That Roadblock required players to eat four pounds of meat, which induced plenty of puking. Three contestants, including Survivor's Rob Mariano, were unable to complete the task and took a four-hour penalty. Amazingly, all three survived because several other teams drove hours in the wrong direction. Despite this minor gaffe, this week's episode was excellent and one of the best in a long while. For more details, check out my review of this episode for Sound on Sight. If the trends continue, this could rank as the strongest season in several years.

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