February 11, 2012

Survivor: One World Preview

Survivor premiered on May 31, 2000 and rose to a ridiculous level of popularity during that summer. Nearly 12 years later, it's no longer a cultural phenomenon but remains one of the more successful series on network television. Its viewing numbers have gradually declined, but there's still a dedicated group of fans that keep it in the Top 20 each season. Next Wednesday, the 24th season will begin, which is a remarkable accomplishment. There have been ups and downs over the years, but it continues to provide consistent entertainment, especially when compared to most reality television being produced. The producers have found a way to tinker with the formula to make it seem fresh while retaining the core elements that made it a hit. This season includes one of the largest changes in the show's history. Survivor: One World places both tribes together at one location, which should lead to a new level of social interaction between the groups. It's a brilliant move that could lead to great drama, but the success ultimately depends on the cast.

I started watching Survivor during its second season in Australia when it still attracted American Idol-like audiences. I was hooked from the start but slipped away from it for a few seasons during the middle. For some unexplained reason, the unpredictable show managed to completely addict me again several years ago. I'm amazed to see that it's actually surpassed The Amazing Race in terms of pure entertainment value, a shift I never would have expected. This season, I'll be recapping both shows each week for Sound on Sight, which should be a lot of fun. It's been interesting to watch them evolve over the years and maintain solid popularity for more than a decade. For more information on Survivor: One World, check out my detailed preview of this season's cast and the new changes. I'll be writing a similar post on The Amazing Race later this week.

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