February 29, 2012

Amazing Race 20: "You Know I'm Not as Smart as You" Review

I've been watching The Amazing Race since its second season, and it's easy to fall into the trap of comparing the current show to those grand early years. The editing style was more laid-back, and we spent more time getting to know each team. While I prefer that approach because it connects us more to the competitors, it's not worth the effort to hope for a return to that format. The more frenetic approach is here to stay, so I have to consider this season on its own terms. Looking at it from that perspective, the first two episodes have provided great entertainment. "You Know I'm Not as Smart as You" contains interesting challenges and some unpredictable moments that effectively shuffle the standings. The well-designed leg forces the teams to think on their feet to avoid being eliminated. This is especially true for the four teams who end up in the back due to a freak bus accident. Three of them succeed and stay in the game, while the final team struggles and falls well short. It's an entertaining start that reveals strong potential for the upcoming episodes. For more details, check out my review of this episode for Sound on Sight. If you're watching this season, let me know what you think so far in the comments section. I've been impressed by most of the teams and expect a lot of fun moments as they continue through the race.

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