February 15, 2012

Amazing Race 20 Preview

It's hard to believe that The Amazing Race has aired for 19 seasons. The more recent versions have started blurring in my memory, which is normal for such a long-running show. Despite attempts to spice up the show (split-screen! HD!), it's basically followed a similar format since the beginning. Some long-time fans have jumped ship because of the similarity, but the ratings are still pretty strong by today's standards. Host Phil Keoghan remains to give the dramatic eyebrow raise at the starting line. He also dishes out penalties for stupidity, fakes out teams during non-elimination legs, and explains the tasks. He's the quiet hero of the show who can sell even the dullest tasks as being particularly challenging. Like Jeff Probst from Survivor, Phil never lets on when the show's falling off the rails.

This season's big news is the casting of Brendon and Rachel from Big Brother, who I may call Brenchel if they deserve the silly title. I don't watch that show, so I don't know what to expect from this couple. I've heard they enjoy starting fights with other players, so that could be interesting (or awful). The other contestants in Amazing Race 20 include drug enforcement agents, an MLS soccer player and his twin brother, two buddies from the Jersey Shore, married clowns, and dating divorcees. I'm hoping for a fun season that avoids the predictability that's plagued some recent contests. For more details on this season and  my thoughts on each team, check out my full preview for Sound on Sight.

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