January 8, 2012

TV: Chuck 5.9, "Chuck vs. the Kept Man"

Entering its final run of episodes, Chuck is solidifying the relationships of its main characters, which is probably the right move. Even when the individual stories fall short, the actors' charisma and likability usually sells the material. There have been some exceptions, and it's disappointing when the writing doesn't live up to the skills of the cast. Without a main season arc, it's been tricky for the writers to strike a balance between serving the characters and providing exciting stories each week.

There were some major emotional moments in "Chuck Versus the Kept Man", including a possible pregnancy for Sarah and a more serious romance for Casey with Verbanski (Carrie Anne-Moss). These scenes were engaging and hit the right notes, but they're surrounded by battles with some extremely clunky villains. This imbalance leads to an uneven story, which includes plenty of fun but also has some eye-rolling moments. The highlight is the closing scenes, which actually reveal the existence of Castle to Jeff and Lester. Their stunned reactions and the response from Chuck and the gang is classic. For more details, check out my review for Sound on Sight of this entertaining, yet mixed episode.


  1. Loved Devon going full on James Bond.

    I'm actually glad that Sarah wasn't pregnant, although I'm not going to put it past the writers to still do it before the show ends. Almost every question coming into this season was if a baby was on the way, and every time I heard that I'd think "noooooo". It's so damn cliched. I really hope Chuck doesn't end up going that way. (Although they better end up putting them in that house considering they carved their names into it.)

    1. Chip, I was pretty surprised that they didn't have Sarah be pregnant, though you're right that it will probably happen in the finale. I can see that as the total happy ending - the house, the baby, and a new role for Carmichael Industries. But we'll see. I'm getting ahead of myself, but there are some intriguing moments in the follow-up to this episode (Chuck vs. Bo).