January 14, 2012

TV: Chuck 5.10, "Chuck vs. Bo"

After seeing the NBC promos last week, I was pretty much dreading the appearance of Bo Derek. It felt like unnecessary stunt casting way too close to the series finale. Thankfully, my concerns were all wrong, and "Chuck Versus Bo" was one of the season's best episodes. Writer Kristin Newman finds the right balance between the laughs and the actual danger of the spy mission. It's easily one of Chuck's funniest episodes of the year, and Derek actually does quite well. She goes way over the top but pulls it off effortlessly while tormenting Morgan. This episode recalls his time as a jerk under the bad Intersect's control. He's forced to return to the scene of a crazy night of partying with Derek in the Vail resort. This means the return of the ridiculous frosted tips, which is just the beginning of the silliness.

This episode is a lot of fun, and it also includes a big surprise at the end involving the Intersect. This twist sets up next week perfectly and makes the final three hours a lot more interesting. We also meet Chuck's last big villain, played solidly by Angus MacFadyen (Equilibrium), with connections to the early seasons. I haven't even mentioned Jeff and Lester's futile attempts to learn more about what's happening beneath the Buy More. After making a stunning discovery last week, they're forced to go back to square one repeatedly. For more details, check out my review on Sound on Sight of this very entertaining episode.


  1. Good review. I enjoyed this one quite a bit as well. The whole "Bo Derek is really a spy" bit was hilarious. And how good does Bo look at 55?

    1. Thanks Chip! You're right that Derek is not looking 55. This was one of the more fun episodes of the season.