January 1, 2012

TV: Chuck 5.8, "Chuck vs. the Baby"

Once again, NBC has aired a Chuck episode right before a major holiday this week. I'm scared to see the ratings for the past two episodes, though it doesn't really matter at this point. They've ended the production and are just firing off the last group of stories in January. It's a bittersweet feeling because I'll miss the characters but think it's probably time to end the series. There have been some good episodes this season, especially the previous two, but the overall arc is still missing a clear direction. This week offers a prime example of the issues the writers are tackling during the final year. They seem unsure when introducing new information about the characters, even when it's a bombshell from Sarah's past. With five episodes remaining, I'm starting to think that just some fun missions would be enough to offer a satisfying finale.

"Chuck Versus the Baby" introduces a secret from Sarah's past that she's hiding to protect a child. I was worried after Shaw's revelation last week that it was actually her kid, which didn't fit with her character. It was relief to see a different approach, though the story still wasn't very interesting. The saving grace was the emotionally satisfying end, which closed the episode on just the right note. Even when Chuck provides a mediocre story, the connection with the characters (and the actors) can sell the big scenes. For more details, check out my review for Sound on Sight. While you're there, you should also take a look at the excellent year-end coverage of TV and movies on the site.


  1. I agree that it was nice to see the warm and fuzzy scene at the end where Chuck and Sarah's mom got to meet. Nice bit of casting with a former Charlie's Angel playing the mom.

  2. Chip, I didn't even realize she was a former Charlie's Angel. I'm not really an expert on that show, as it was a bit before my time. That scene definitely helped salvage a so-so episode.