TV: Chuck 5.7, "Chuck vs. the Santa Suit"

It's refreshing to see the resurgence of Chuck during the past few weeks. After jettisoning the one-note Decker as a key villain, they've raised the stakes and delivered two great episodes. The fifth season's opening stories had some fun moments, but the tone was inconsistent. Thankfully, the latest episodes have offered silly comedy plus enough drama to keep the tension. With six episodes left, it's a relief to feel excited again for this show's final run. There may be more hiccups, but there's a much greater potential for a strong finish.

"Chuck Versus the Santa Suit" brings back Brandon Routh as Daniel Shaw, a former CIA ally who's turned to the dark side. He's been pulling the strings all season, and it's time for Chuck and Shaw to meet face to face. How will Chuck and the gang defeat an opponent with the Intersect in his head? It will take the entire group (even a few surprise participants) to pull of this amazing feat. For more details, check out my review of this excellent Chuck episode for the fine folks of Sound on Sight.

Happy holidays!


  1. I liked this episode, but it was tempered for me because I have never liked the Shaw character. That's not worded well. I realize we're not supposed to like an evil character. I guess I would say I never found him interesting. I hadn't even remembered that he was in prison and that he had the intersect in his head. I'm glad he isn't going to become the ongoing villain again.

    Speaking of which, I agree that getting rid of Decker was a good thing. I was not looking forward to him being the bad guy all season.

    Well, I've got two more episodes to catch up on.

    1. Shaw's interesting because he was pretty flat when he was a member of the team and a romantic foil for Chuck with Sarah. However, I've found his appearances as a villain to be a lot more entertaining. I think Routh's acting works a lot better when going up against Chuck than working with him.

  2. Oh, I forgot to mention - LOVED the kiss.


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