November 12, 2011

TV: Chuck 5.3, "Chuck vs. the Frosted Tips"

Am I being too hard on Chuck? After three enjoyable but mediocre episodes, I'm starting to wonder if my expectations are too high. It's a miracle that the light-hearted spy series has even made it to the fifth season, so I should probably just enjoy the ride. However, there still are some issues with the opening episodes of the final run that are hard to overlook. Most notably, they've pushed certain characters way into the background, especially Chuck's sister Ellie (Sarah Lancaster). She's barely appeared so far, and it's made me consider how the show is treating its female characters on the whole.

In "Chuck Versus the Frosted Tips", Morgan's personality keeps changing for the worse thanks to the negative effects of having the Intersect in his head. He's basically disowned Chuck as his friend and seems determined to ruin their business by joining a competitor. Joshua Gomez has fun playing this new evil version of Morgan as he battles his long-time friends. There's also a subplot that has Awesome giving the dim-witted Jeff a medical exam. It's good fun, but I'm hoping the upcoming episodes are a bit stronger. For more details, check out my review for Sound on Sight of this latest Chuck episode.


  1. For the whole run of the show Ellie has mostly been an afterthought. I've actually been enjoying her finally knowing about everything and her getting to show how smart she is. It looks like this season they are cutting back on the episodes for everyone other than the four main characters. Awesome didn't appear in the premiere, but Ellie did. Big Mike didn't appear in the premiere, but Jeff and Lester did.

    Overall, have I thought any episodes this season were great? No, but I'm amused by Casey finally having met his match and I did enjoy the expected Matrix reference with Moss guest starring.

  2. Chip, that's an interesting point about them cutting back on the supporting cast appearances, which would save money on a show that doesn't get huge ratings. That might explain why Ellie's appearances seem random now. I meant to note the Matrix bullet-time reference in my review, as I waiting for something with Trinity on the show. I'm guessing it won't be the last one we see.

  3. I had half-expected there to be a second reference about the Intersect having let Morgan know how to fly the helicopter as a second Matrix reference, but they didn't go there.