Stargate Atlantis' Blu-ray Set: One More Trip to the Pegasus Galaxy

I've written more about Stargate Atlantis (SGA)  in the past few years than almost any other show. Last year, I pulled together more than 3,000 fine words for PopMatters about the sci-fi adventure series for the Complete Series DVD release. For last month's Blu-ray release, I was ready to head out to the Pegasus Galaxy once again to hang with John Sheppard, Rodney McKay, Teyla, and other longtime friends. Thankfully, this release was packaged much better than the previous monstrosity and occupied a smaller place on the shelf.

It's not a perfect series and has some dull episodes, but there's still plenty of fun in SGA, particularly with the characters. It hearkens back to the episodic adventure shows of the '90s while offering better visual effects. Check out my review of the Blu-ray set for PopMatters to learn some reasons to check out the five seasons of this enjoyable series. It's not for everyone but might surprise you if given the chance.


  1. I never really got in to the Stargate world. I tried, but never really bought in!!

    Is that the Momoa in the image? He is HUGE in real life!

  2. I understand. I got into Stargate SG-1 a while back, and part of my enjoyment of the franchise is nostalgia as much as anything.

    That is Momoa on the far left. He's a giant on the show, so I can imagine how he looks in real life. I'm still unsure about his acting skills, but he has the right look for Conan.

  3. You wanna come and read my review of said film for confirmation of your fears....

  4. Scott, I just checked out your review of Conan. It sounds about like I expected. The gore doesn't surprise me, as even the trailer was really bloody. Momoa's acting sounds about right.


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