My Podcast Debut on the LAMBcast

During the past few years, I've become a certified podcast junkie. I've slowly compiled a large group of  podcasts on film and other subjects for regular listening at work and during commutes. The movie podcast list keeps growing, and I'm struggling to find time to keep up with all of the great content. The first of these was the classic Filmspotting, and a more recent examples is Film Junk. Each of these podcasts is insightful and entertaining in a different way, and they just scratch the surface of the many options in existence.

Another fun podcast is the LAMBcast, the official show of the LAMB (Large Association of Movie Blogs). Since I joined the LAMB in June as a member blog, I've interacted with lots of friendly movie fans who deliver excellent posts in their blogs each day. This also gave me the chance to actually participate in the LAMBcast, which was an exciting opportunity. I joined a fine group of guys for episode #79, which follows the 5-on-5 idea created by Nick from Random Ramblings of a Demented Doorknob. Basically each participant selected an idea for a Top 5 List, and the others brought one movie from each category to the table. The results were good fun and made for an entertaining discussion.

If you'd like to hear my bumbling attempts to explain this blog and our discussions about some great Top 5 List topics, check out this LAMBcast episode. The recording also includes a fascinating discussion on the Best Rock-hard Abs in movies, which explains the Daniel Craig photo at the top of this post. The other guys along for the fun were Dylan from Man I Love Films, Dan from the Midnight Movie Club, and Sebastian from Films From the Supermassive Black Hole. Despite my appearance, this is actually an excellent podcast. If you have 90 minutes to spare, I promise that it will be a wonderful experience.


  1. Episode 79 was awesome! Great discussion and you felt like a podcast veteran. I'll be podcast debuting on Episode 80 myself. Don't think I made such a solid impression myself though. hahah

    Great post on podcasts I have a similar background as a commuting podoholic. I toally recommend that you listen to Now Playing, FilmYarn (X-men 1st class episode is truly amazing!) and Frankly My Dear those are my 3 current favorites.

    If you have the time it would be great if you had your own podcast when ending some of your theme posts. If you go for that idea I volunteer to be on the Fast and The Furious Franchise episode.

  2. Thanks Joel! I'm sure you did fine on Episode 80. I just rewatched The Long Kiss Goodnight this week (a bit painful) for Saturday's post, so I'm ready to hear you guys talk about it.

    I'll have to check out those podcasts. I've heard other raves about Frankly My Dear, so that may come first. I just keep adding them to my overloaded Ipod right now.

    I'm not ready to do a podcast yet (or go through all the Fast and Furious movies). For now, I'm good with making guest appearances here and there. It was a lot of fun.

  3. hahah painful? OMG I'm such a ranty fanboy when it comes to that film...

  4. Uh oh. You're definitely going to like my post on Saturday then.

  5. I must admit, even though I have been a member of LAMB for ages I haven't been the most active of member, I really must start playing along!! So busy with my other stuff I am afraid!

    Also I haven't really ever listened to podcasts...I know right....the HORROR!! But I am interested in your input matey. I am going to find this Ep#79

    Well done dude!!


  6. Thanks Scott! Hopefully you'll get the chance to check out Episode 79. I totally understand about not having enough time to do everything. The blog's been a lot of fun, but finding the time is sometimes tricky.


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